Frequently asked questions

Shipping + Returns

After placing your order, our team will wrap it with care and ensure it leaves our seattle studio within 3-5 business days. Gift notes are available upon request - email with your note and make sure to include your name and order number.

please refer to sustainability for information about packaging. 


Once shipped, continental domestic orders may take 2-5 business days to arrive, dependent on location. AK, HI, and outlying territories may take longer. Ship time does not include in-studio processing. 

international packages are shipped via USPS First Class International or USPS Priority Mail, International. orders typically take 1-3 weeks to arrive. 

international shipping cost does not include any additional import fees to which international shipments may be subject, including customs, duties, or fees calculated by country. Unfortunately apocalyptic has no control over this, and the customer is responsible for paying any and all custom duties and import fees. We are not able to mark any international packages as zero value or as gifts to avoid customs duties or fees.



apocalyptic cannot take any returns of product that have had the wick cut or burnt.

if you would like to return your product for any other reason email us at, we want you to enjoy our products as much as we do so we'd like to help customers find a solution! (customers are responsible for return shipping costs.)


Candle Care


Do not burn a candle all the way down to the bottom. Extinguish the flame if it comes too close to the container. For a margin of safety, discontinue burning a candle when 1/4 inches of wax remains. Burning candle past 1/4 inch means the carrier wax is no longer burning and the flame is only heating the container.

Burn candle for less than 4 hours at any given time. after this period, blow out the candle and trim the wick. never burn candle below 1/4 inch of the wick.

If the candle is bumped or moved when all the wax is melted, the wick can move off center. When this happens it is important to blow out the candle immediately and recenter the wick so as not to overheat the glass.

For our standard braided wicks, we suggest trimming the wick to 1/4 inch or 1/8 inch, depending on how long you want the candle to burn The longer the wick, the quicker the candle will reach a full melt pool, meaning the wax melts all the way to the edges. If you have less time, keep the wick height closer to 1/4 an inch.


Burning your candle

every time you burn your candle, completely allow the top layer of soy wax to completely reach the edges of the glass.


Removing labels
if you would like to reuse your container without the labels, we suggest using a hair dryer on high to melt the adhesive on the labels to allow them to peel off in one piece, if any label is left behind we suggest using rubbing alcohol or hot water and soap.



We strive to make our products and production as sustainable as possible, which is why we have carefully selected the products we use to be easily reusable in many different ways!


essential oils
.we use essential oils in our products to avoid synthetics often found in candles. essential oils are naturally occurring in many different parts of a plant with different uses and benefits. fragrance oils, while often stronger smelling, are artificially produced. 

because the blending process for essential oils is difficult,, we are always striving to enhance the ways we produce our candles, but some things are just part of the process with essential oils: a less invasive scent, and smaller scent throw (or how much of the room is covered by the smell). 


soy wax
.choosing soy has so many benefits! it's a plant based 100% biodegradable product that burns longer and cleaner than other wax types. like so much of our product creation, we are always striving to make it better, so the type of soy wax might change but our commitment to the environment and sustainability won't!  


.we love our glass containers and we hope you do to! as avid candle fans we are always looking for products that we can reuse in different ways and it was important to us that our products were multi-use to reduce waste. These containers can be use for a whole host of different products in your home, here are some of our favorites: herb, spice, or tea container, planter (soil or water propagation), or another candle! have something else you use it for? tag us on insta @apocalypticco, we'd love to see!


recycled products
.packaging is a hard part of the decision making process when you're starting a company and we noticed how many mailers we tend to get in a week. month, year! apocalyptic tries to do it's part in reducing waste which means reusing as much as possible, our labels are made from recycled paper and so is much of the packaging sent out to our wonderful customers. we know this won't be everyone's cup of tea, but we hope you understand where we're coming from and everything will still be beautiful on the inside - reduce, reuse, recycle!


still have questions? 

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